It’s all about Galentine’s Day.

Before I get started, I just have to get one thing out of the way: I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I loathe the weird pressure around giving gifts and dressing up – though I don’t hate dressing up. Then there’s the horrible awkwardness between single and dating friends, and the even weirder awkwardness between unofficial couples. I just want to throw the whole thing out and order Thai food. But it’s not all bad.

I know we can’t totally skip Valentine’s day, but this year you can catch me on February 13th celebrating Galentine’s. It’s a day for women, by women, and it’s our choice how to celebrate it. (Thanks, Leslie Knope.)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her, and a Little Something for Yourself

galentines gift giving
Urban Collective Finds

I found the inspiration for my store treasure-hunting through antique stores growing up. I want everyone to have that feeling while searching through the shelves at Urban. While wandering the store, cleanse your mind of the red and pink, and just look with your eyes. You are sure to find a heartwarming gift for your special someone, and maybe something for yourself, too.

Home Decor

Urban Collective is stocked with items that bring me joy from table linens and candle sticks, to pillows and rugs, and so many other fun rotating items. All over the shop, there are hidden gems at every price point.

Sweet Treats

What better day to treat yourself than Galentine’s Day? This time of year especially, I tuck gummy treats and candies around every corner. Don’t forget to grab something to feed your sweet tooth.

Girl Meets Dirt

One of my all-time favorite brands, these artisan bitters and preserves cover my shelves. Each fruit comes from a small orchard, grown in the salty breeze of the San Juan Islands. They are an absolute treat, and I’m not just saying that.

Olio Flowers

bouquet with mixed flowers roses dried berries

You know what kind of flowers you like; you don’t need any one shopping for you. On the way out of Urban Collective, visit Olio Flowers for a gorgeous bouquet or baby house plant. You can even call or email to order a custom floral arrangement.

Okay, so maybe we can’t shrug off Valentine’s Day like last winter’s sweater. But we can make it a little better. Whether or not you’re shopping for someone else, don’t forget to treat yourself. February 13th is for us gals.