Spring House Spruce

As the weather clears, it finally feels like there’s a natural desire to embrace the sunshine and the rebirth happening outside. Inside your home, there are so many easy ways to clear away the stagnation of winter and get your spaces back to feeling healthy and alive.

Here are three simple ways to invite springtime into your home that won’t break the bank.


Start by simply devoting some time to a deep clean of your home. It feels so good to get into all those corners you ignored all winter and walk away with a house that’s free from any residual dust layers. To spark your cleaning inspiration, we wanted to tell you the story behind the line of household cleaners we sell at Urban Collective.

Fer Á Cheval is one of only four companies in the world that still produces soap using the traditional recipe and process unique to Marseille, France’s oldest city.

Fer A Cheval liquid soap - Urban Collective Boutique - Bellingham WA

The designation, Marseille soap, is a coveted designation, because it’s hard to earn. True Marseille soap, like the soap made by Fer Á Cheval, is made from olive oil and other plant-based oils and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, dyes or preservatives. To be a true Marseille soap, the soap must also be made using the traditional five-step process that lasts at least 10 days. About seven years ago, these last four remaining truly Marseille soap-making companies actually formed a union to protect their business and guard against the hundreds of other companies that claim to produce Marseille soap, but don’t actually pass muster.

Use Colors

Bring the colors of spring into your home by adding some simple accent pieces to your rooms. Blues and greens, especially pastel blue and green, are a wonderful complement to the natural growth happening outside. Mauve or coral colors can be a great accent, bringing warmth into any space. Adding a coral vase or a soft, blue pillow to the living room can be just enough to liven up the whole space. Candles are another very simple way to add accent colors and vibrancy to a room.

We source our candles with springtime allergy-sufferers in mind.

The candles, Illume’s Elemental collection, are all essential-oil based, so they shouldn’t trigger any sniffling and might even alleviate some allergic inflammation.

Illume Ceramic Candle Urban Collective360 Bellingham WA

These candles all come in soft, earth tones with natural, herb scents like citrus cedarleaf and rosewood cassis. They also come in three different sizes: a petite tin, a larger glass and a terracotta pot that’s about 17 ounces big.

Add some chlorophyll

Take a page from nature’s playbook and bring some indoor plants home. Adding greenery brightens up any space, and, if you buy the right kind of plant, it can do some of that air-purifying work your spring cleaning might not have gotten to.

The spider plant can be a great choice, especially for people new to plants, because it’s very resilient. It also filters carbon monoxide and other toxins, and it’s non-toxic to pets. Another great option is aloe vera. Aloe is great for soothing summertime sun burns, and it also clears the air of formaldehyde and benzene, which is found in varnishes, floor finishes and detergents. We also found this awesome infographic that shows the best air-filtering plants, according to research from NASA. Take a look.

If you want more plant ideas or advice, come visit in person! We’re lucky to share our space with the flower and plant store, Olio. Stop by for your cleaners, colors and chlorophyll Monday – Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 10-4.