Looking Ahead to Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting dinner at home or have cordially accepted an invitation out, Thanksgiving is a big holiday for many families, with lots of details to coordinate.

No matter which role you’re taking on this year, I’m here to help.

Dinner at home

For those of you hosting friends and family at your home, I have a few tips for setting a Thanksgiving table that stands out from the rest of the year’s dinner parties.

The secret is an attention to detail.

For me, an easy way to do that is to pay attention to your dinnerware, the plates and bowls you’re using to serve up a Thanksgiving feast. Super simple I know, but having a clean, elegant set of dinnerware ties the whole meal together and gives you a jumping off point for the theme and colors of the rest of the table.

At Urban Collective located in Barkley Village, we always stock pieces from Costa Nova, a ceramics company from Portugal. Their products are inspired by the Mediterranean vibe of the Portuguese city, Costa Nova, for which they are named. All Costa Nova products are hand made from environmentally sourced Portuguese clay. 

friso ceramic bowl - Urban CollectiveI consistently offer their Friso Collection, a simple and elegant dinnerware collection made up of mostly white ceramic pieces. The dinner plate features an expansive surface and a subtle grooved edge, all hand glazed. The pieces are super versatile – great for a Thanksgiving feast or a casual Tuesday supper – as well as durable – they’re even dishwasher safe.

The other thing I recommend for setting a great Thanksgiving table is a floral centerpiece. Depending on the colors of your candles and napkins, choose a complementary floral arrangement to bring the whole table together.

Cordial Guest

Now, for those of you lucky ones who will be guests at this year’s Thanksgiving festivities, you’re not totally off the hook. Especially for Thanksgiving, I love the tradition of bringing a gift for the hostess. And since it’s Thanksgiving and the holiday so much revolves around food, why not have your gift do double duty as a helpful appetizer? One of my favorite hostess gifts is an elegant cheese board and cheese knife (or knives).

At Urban Collective we sell a variety of wooden and marble cheese boards. These particular wooden cheese boards are a unique collection from a couple in Bartlett, Illinois who started a company called The King Market. The wood they use is all so beautiful and totally unique. No two pieces ever come out exactly the same. They hand make their cheese boards, spoons, cheese knives and other woodwork, all with the goal of selling you something that is both beautiful and useful.

So, whether you’re hosting or attending Thanksgiving this year, make it really special with some simple attention to detail and loving intentionality. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from Urban Collective. Cheers!