It’s Time to Redecorate After the Holidays

The holidays are officially over and the house feels strangely empty. The tree is bare and the menorah has long since been put away. It’s time to wrap up the tinsel and the lights, but the house looks bare without them. Without the happy screams of children and the family banter into the night, everything seems too quiet. Even the leftovers are starting to run out.

We know how to warm up the house for the holidays, but how do we make the adjustment afterward? Sometimes the house needs a special something to chase out the holiday blues. Browse the collection at our local Bellingham store for the perfect addition to your home.

Post-Holiday Home Furnishing Finds

Dining Room

With the pie and candy gone, it’s time to take back the healthy kitchen aesthetic. Spring scents and colors set the tone for the new year. Matching mugs and glasses make way for tea and protein shakes. Find the decor that means renewal to you.

Living Room

Without the lights and decorations, the living room is often left feeling empty. To bring in new flair, it may need a new theme or centerpiece. Browse our extensive collection of accent pillows and throw blankets for a new living room look. The space may also be craving a new table, rug, or potted plant to bring it all together.

Home Office

After a long vacation, it may be tough to come back to the same old office. Try bringing in a little character. The addition could be small like a mug or a figurine, or large like a new lamp or chair. As you browse the shelves, think about what might breathe life into your office space.


Bed with linens.

Sometimes we need a change just for ourselves. A new set of throw pillows can change up the entire mood of the room. Find a piece of decor that brings out the light of the room. Get lost in the array of choices: subtle and bold, familiar and unique. You are certain to find the perfect item to bring home.

Ready to refresh yourself after the holidays? Come visit us at 2955 Newmarket St.

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