Fourth of July decoration ideas

I love the Fourth of July, but I secretly grimace at a lot of the decorations I see.

As you will know if you visit my boutique in Barkley Village, I’m all about simplicity and understated accenting to decorate for holidays or seasons. The 4th feels no different. Here are three simple ways to dress up your house in red, white and blue that will keep your space elegant and welcoming.

Use Accent Pillows

Especially in outdoor seating areas where people might be gathering for a barbecue or to chill next to a friendly game of croquet, adding some pastel blue throw pillows to the furniture is a great way to decorate for the 4th.

We have some really lovely light blue cushions from Walter G in the store right now that would fit the bill.

Walter G pillows - Urban Collective Bellingham Boutique

Use creative plating.

For your white, consider getting some of the Creative Co-op plates we have on sale right now. These plates are matte white ceramic with a crimped edge to make them look like paper picnic plates. I love these.​

Creative Coop - crimped plate Small - Urban Collective Bellingham Boutique

They’re heavy enough to withstand some serious barbecue sauce and such a cute play on a classic look. We have them in two different sizes, a small and a large.

Use flowers.

I find red can be kind of an aggressive color to base a decoration scheme around, so I recommend getting your red from a few red flower arrangements.

Flowers are decidedly not aggressive and are a great way to incorporate a bolder color scheme without overwhelming your guests’ senses. Potted geraniums are a favorite choice of mine.

However you take in your red, white and blue this year, I hope you get to enjoy family and friends, stay safe and maybe take in some fireworks.