Design tips to make summer last forever

August can be a weird month. It’s basically the peak of summer, but it doesn’t have that hopeful expectancy that June does. As the last full month of summer, it can also feel like the last chance to get in as many lake days and popsicles as possible, before it’s too late.

The good news, at least as far as interior design goes, is there are simple ways to maintain that summer energy in your home all year long. Here are two ideas keep summer alive, at least on the inside, until next June.

Find summer furniture pieces

that will look good all year long. In my store right now, I’m selling a line of wicker chairs from Safavieh, a high-quality home furnishings store based in New York.

These chairs, the Tana wicker side chair, exude calm beach vibes. Their contemporary design makes them an elegant addition to any space, while also being really comfortable. The muted gray color of the wicker makes me think of sipping Earl Grey tea while watching the tide come in.

Use a summer-themed coffee-table book.

I’m so excited to be selling Stephen Fleteren’s 2018 book, Surf Tribe, in my store right now. Fleteren is a Belgian photojournalist, known for his striking black-and-white portraits. He has won multiple awards for his photography, including the German Henri Nannen Prize in 2011 and in 2012, he won the National Portrait Award in the Netherlands.

This book is gorgeous. It is full of beautiful portraits of several generations of surfers from around the world. The portraits show young surfers, icons in the sport and old legends, tied together not by sport or competition but by a deep respect for the ocean.

The foreword is written by surfer and journalist Gerry Lopez. He writes:

“Surfing is all about surfers, even if the surfers always say that it’s all about the waves first, then their surfboards. This is why this collection of portraits is so provocative. Getting surfers to articulate coherently what it is that makes them tick is a fool’s mission. Surf Tribe asks the readers to fill in the blanks themselves.”

It really is an incredible window into a world I would love to know more because I am a wanna be surfer at heart.

Farmer’s Market at Barkley Village

Last thing: the Wednesday farmer’s market at Barkley Village is still going strong! If you haven’t been yet this year, the market runs each Wednesday through September from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It’s been so fun having the market in this neighborhood this year, and Urban Collective is right around the corner, open until 5 p.m. each Wednesday. Stop by on your way to pick up your veggies or check out the live music the market hosts each week.