Cleaning through transitions to Fall

We’ve made it to September, or as I like to call it…
“Mom gets her house back month.”
We often think of springtime as a time to cleanse and refresh, but fall is also a natural time of transitions and resetting. With the kids back to school, it can be a great opportunity to do another deep clean of your house and it can feel so good to get everything organized again after the frenzy of August and summertime.

Cleaning house with your family’s health in mind

Fer A Cheval liquid soap - Urban Collective Boutique - Bellingham WAAt Urban Collective, we sell a really amazing line of cleaning products from a company called Fer Á Cheval. We sell their laundry detergent, stain-removal product, dish soap and an all purpose spray. This company is from Marseille, France’s oldest city, and is one of only four companies left in the world today that can legitimately say they make true Marseille soap. While dozens of other companies claim they do too, Fer Á Cheval and three others are the only companies that still use the traditional recipes and production process to truthfully claim the title. These soaps only use olive oil and other plant-based oils and never contain any artificial dyes or scents. They also use a traditional five-step production process that occurs over the course of 10 days.

Basically, these cleaning products aren’t your run-of-the-mill cleaning products. Each one is made with intention and with your family’s health in mind. All the soaps are organic, biodegradable and allergen free.

As you bring clean, fresh smells back into your home, it can also be nice to restock your supply of candles. Candles bring sweet aromas to your spaces, and from a design perspective, they’re such a simple way to add a little intentional color.

Delightful scents as your transition into fall

Vancouver Candle Co | Urban Collective Boutique BellinghamVisit Urban Collective in Barkley Village, where we carry several lines of candles, but one of my favorite staples are the candles from Vancouver Candle Co., a Vancouver Canada based company. All of their candles are made from local and ethically sourced materials. They are made from premium soy waxes that are carbon neutral and a renewable resource so you’ll feel good about having them in your home.

Even though summer is winding down, I appreciate the months during the year when the seasons encourage taking some time to refresh and organize my home. It always feels so good once I do. I hope you give it a try this fall season and perhaps you’ll feel what I mean.

Urban Collective is located in Barkley Village right on the corner of Newmarket and Barkley. We’re open until 5 p.m. Stop by anytime and shop local.